Assessment of adult bulimia (ARCHIVED)

by Dr Harry Millar


Last updated: May 2011


Please note: This module has now been archived. It is still available to view, but please be aware when completing the module that it was last updated in 2011. A CPD certificate is available for the module, but this will be subject to the approval of your peer group.  


This module is being updated.


This module gives an introduction to the assessment of adult bulimia nervosa and similar eating disorders. It highlights the importance of hidden morbidity and helping general practitioners identify patients early. 


First, the role of general mental health services in supporting the process of early identification and intervention is outlined. We then go on to describe standard diagnostic criteria for eating disorders along with other important physical and psychological characteristics of bulimic disorders.


Standardised assessment tools, risk assessment, the assessment of motivation to change and the importance of co-morbidity are explored. Finally, guidance is given on initial response further to diagnosis.


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