Module introduction

Learning outcomes


The role of a psychiatrist will primarily and crucially entail:


1.   Pre-assessment of vulnerable patients with hepatitis C for treatment.


2.   Monitoring of mental state and comorbid substance misuse (if any) whilst treatment continues.


With this as the agenda, we hope that by the end of this module, you will:


  • gain an understanding of the nature of HCV infection


  • be able to identify risk factors and the interface between substance misuse and HCV infection


  • be able to interpret the result of tests and appreciate the implications for healthcare workers


  • gain an understanding of the different treatment options for HCV infection


  • be able to diagnose neuropsychiatric symptoms


  • gain an understanding of the role of the psychiatrist, both when assessing for potential treatment for Hepatitis C and in the management of complex related comorbidity issues.




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