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Section 1: What is leadership?

(1.1) Section 1: What is leadership?

(1.2) What is leadership?

(1.3) A brief timeline of leadership thought

(1.4) Wicked and tame problems

(1.5) Wicked problems and the role of the leader

(1.6) What is management?

(1.7) What is medical leadership?

(1.8) Psychiatrists as leaders

(1.9) Leadership and excellence in mental health services

(1.10) The healthcare leadership model

(1.11) The benefits of competency framework

(1.12) The limits of competency framework

(1.13) What does the evidence tell us?

(1.14) Transformational leadership

(1.15) What does the evidence tell us?

(1.16) A UK context

(1.17) Leadership as a position

(1.18) The value of feedback

(1.19) Section 1: Recap

(1.20) Section 1: Summary


Section 2: Leadership development

(2.1) Section 2: Leadership development

(2.2) Do leadership courses make a difference?

(2.3) Leadership development: methods and courses

(2.4) Leadership development: a systems focus

(2.5) Clarifying the aims of leadership development

(2.6) The importance of reflection

(2.7) Reflexive questions

(2.8) The role of the Royal College in enabling medical leadership

(2.9) GMC guidance, revalidation and appraisal

(2.10) Section 2: Recap

(2.11) Section 2: Summary



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