Module introduction

This module is the first in a series and designed as an introduction to key concepts. 


  • Section 1: explores leadership and management theories from historical, contemporary and evidence-based perspectives, within and beyond psychiatry. We consider the complementarity of leadership and management and the limits of competency frameworks and transformational leadership. 


  • Section 2: reviews approaches to leadership development and encourages readers to adopt a systemic perspective to their practice.


Learning outcomes:


After completing this module you will be able to:


  • describe and critique modern theories of leadership and management


  • consider how these theories can inform your practice as a medical leader


  • appreciate the importance of working with managerial colleagues


  • reflect upon the evidence base for medical leadership and psychiatrists as leaders


  • understand the roles of positional leaders (e.g. medical director)


  • understand the value and limitations of leadership competencies and training


  • access online resources to support your role as a leader and manager


  • improve your awareness of your impact on others.



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