About the authors

Waqqas Ahmad Khokhar, MBBS, DMHS, MSc, MRCPsych

Consultant Psychiatrist, Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust.


Dr Waqqas Ahmad Khokhar is a general adult consultant psychiatrist in Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust. He graduated from King Edward Medical College in Lahore. He is an Honorary Fellow and Academic Champion with the University of Leicester.


Email: waqqas.khokhar@leicspart.nhs.uk


Declaration of interests: None.






David E. Kloecker, BA (Hons), M.Phil.

Medical Student, University of Leicester.


David E. Kloecker's main research interests lie in adult psychiatry, neurology and diabetes.


Email: davidekloecker@gmail.com


Declaration of interests: None.








Ajay N. Mistry

Medical Student, University of Leicester.


Ajay N. Mistry's academic interests include psychiatry, orthopaedics and general surgery.


Email: am901@student.le.ac.uk


Declaration of interests: None.



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